SYSF requires the following information at least 96 hours prior to arrival in Fiji waters in order to arrange Fiji Inbound Clearance formalities

Advance Notice of Arrival - Click here to download PDF
Fiji Customs Form - Click here to download PDF

  • Name of vessel.
  • Port of Registry.
  • Registration number.
  • LOA.
  • Draft.
  • Hull Colour.
  • Nominated Fiji Inbound Clearance port.
  • Last Port of Clearance Outwards prior to entering Fiji Waters.
  • Ports visited in prior 2 months before visiting Fiji.
  • Details of any firearms aboard (these need to be surrended on arrival).
  • Details of any animals aboard.
  • Places you intend to visit whilst in Fiji – if known.
  • Detailed Stores Listing (Food & Beverage lists).
  • Details of all equipment [see link to Customs form]
  • Details of all souls aboard for arrival into Fiji (both crew and passengers):
  • Full Name as appearing on Passport.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport #.
  • Issued Date and place.
  • Expiry Date.
  • Date of Birth.


Once Fiji Inbound formalities are completed, Customs will issue you a “Rotation Number”.  It is important that you keep this number handy; it will be required for Duty Free clearance of anything that you wish to Import into Fiji, such as spare parts, whilst the vessel remains in Fiji Waters.

Customs/Immigration will also issue you “An Authority to Disembark”.  This is perhaps the most important document issued during Fiji Inbound clearance formalities.  You are required to surrender this when you eventually clear Outbound formally.

Generally Fiji Customs will not Bond liquor stores on your arrival, on the condition that you provide an Inbound List when you clear into Fiji and an Outbound List when you depart.  Customs Import Duty is then calculated based on your consumption.  An allowance is made for Passenger/Crew Duty Free import amount before the calculation is made.  The current (March 2009) Duty rates for wines are F$3.93 per litre (F$2.95 per 750 ml bottle) for Still Wines and F$4.44 per litre (F$3.33 per 750 ml bottle) for Sparkling Wines, plus an Excise Tax of 15% of the Wine Value + Import Duty.

The current Duty Free allowance is 6 x 750 ml bottles per adult (over 18 years old).

If your consumption exceeds 6 x # of adult souls aboard and you feel that you may have an obligation to pay Import Duty, we will advise you about valuing your wine stock.


This is required to cruise in Fiji Waters.  It is issued by the Ministry of Fijian Affairs, and is written in the Fijian language.  SYSF attends to this requirement before you arrive into Fiji.

The Cruising Permit generally provides permission to visit/cruise all Fiji Waters excluding the Lau Group.

Visits to the Lau Group remains a sensitive issue and generally is regarded as a “No Go” zone.  Please advise us if you wish to visit the Lau Group.  SYSF has excellent contacts within the Lau Provincial Council, whom we make the application to.  To date, SYSF has not had any application rejected.

SYSF has an arrangement with the owners of Nabavatu Plantation, located on Vanuabalavu Island in the Northern Lau Group.  A visit to this area is highly recommended.

There is an excellent harbour at Nabavatu (see Google Earth photo).  The location co-ordinates are:

17.11.00S and 179.00.00W.

The plantation is privately owned freehold (Fee Simple) estate and is a working copra plantation.  We are generally able to obtain permission from the owners for you to visit.  The invitation is provided to you in writing by the owners.



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