Latest Update June 2012:


"Dear Yachting Friends

Great News..... Please be advised that the Fiji Customs has removed Domestic (Coastal) Clearance effective June 16th, 2012.

They do however, require a simple weekly report of a yachts position (see link to FIRCA notice below). This system is in trial mode, is not meant to be oppressive or a burden on you, and please note there are no fines for not reporting your weekly position.

In order to assist, the marina's in Fiji namely: Musket Cove, Copra Shed, Vuda Marina, Port Denarau, Wai Tui, Savusavu Marina, Curly's Moorings and the Royal Suva Yacht Club; have agreed to submit a weekly report (suggest Friday) to Customs so this will take care of any of you that are residing in any of these marina's during that particular week. And in fact the yachting industry in Fiji through the Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association has been actively lobbying for such a marina only weekly reporting system.

This new system will be reviewed in a months time, at which time we hope, that by developing the partnerships we have with the Government agencies they will allow a less onerous system.

This is good news overall, and comes on the back of successes with the Superyacht Charter Decree, the lowering of import duty on concession basis for yachts, and etc.

Stand by for more good news soon regarding the consolidation of paperwork for yacht clearances (more streamlining/less paperwork for you).

Fiji is serious about developing its foreign yachting business in a sustainable way and the Marine Operators Sub Committee of the Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association is working hard to develop the partnerships that help us all grow and prosper whilst maintaining our borders, particularly in the areas of bio security, culture, and the preservation of our natural environment."






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